Thursday, January 1, 2015

"The last reason, and quite possibly the biggest reason, is that this is so incredibly public.  Yes, I know most of you readers personally.  BUT, I have had it happen before that complete strangers have walked up to me and said "Oh, I love reading your blog!  How are the kids?!"  To me, this is becoming unnerving..."

Remember that paragraph?  It was one of the final paragraphs in my *previous* final post on this blog.  I was posting about my lack of blogging, and explaining why I was becoming uneasy continue posts in this space.

You know what else is unnerving?  Having a complete stranger come to this space, steal my pictures and information, and pass it off as their own.

If you scroll down, you may notice that this page is missing something.  Quite a bit of something.  All of my previous posts something.  Don't worry, I didn't delete them all.  I still have them all saved on the backspace of this blog.  I can read them and revisit them anytime I would like to.  But....why aren't they here?  Because someone actually pulled a bunch of pictures from this blog and passed them off as their own.  Someone was claiming that they were expecting triplets....the same triplets that are currently snuggled in my bed watching IPTV on a lazy first day of 2015.  Someone had taken my profile picture and said that it was them.

I'm sad that this space will end this way, but I feel I need to give an explanation why "The Koobers" is no more.  Yes, it's unnerving that a complete stranger would approach me in a store to talk about my own children.  But it's even more unnerving that someone would steal photos and information and try to pass it off as themselves for their own gain. 

I'm on facebook, so if you still need a Koober fix you can friend me there.  But, I guess as far as this blog is concerned, this really is it.  Thanks for being a part of our story. Thanks for the prayers, the comments, the support, all of it.  We treasure it more than you could possibly know.