Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Did it get easier

Now that the kids are older, some of the weirder questions I used to get asked have faded away (Did you breastfeed is one question that sticks out), the most common question I get from people is "Has it gotten easier?  I'm sure it's gotten easier."


Uh.  Well.  No.

It's gotten different.  Not easier.  Not harder  Different.  (Maybe just the tiniest bit harder).

When they were babies, the physical work was exhausting.  Feeding, burping, changing, rocking, bathing three infants is very physically demanding and time consuming.  But.  Three infants to don't whine about how they hate what you made for supper.  Three infants don't tell you that you put the wrong socks on them and they won't leave the house with the shoes you've picked out.  Three infants don't have the capability to play "kitties" with each other, which will inevitably escalate into "jaguars", which will end with someone slamming into a wall and blaming someone else for it.  I never had to say "Stop licking your brother" or "PLEASE put some underwear on" to infants.   

That's not to say that this age is all worse than the infant stage.  Now I can shove send them outside and watch them play on the swingset while I get dishes done.  Now, I can send them each to their corner with a book and tell them that mommy is going to take her own timeout and if I hear a PEEP from any of them while I'm in timeout there WILL NOT BE DESSERT AT DINNER.  They can pick out their own outfits, get themselves dressed, dish their own food and help with the meal prep.  Now I can ask them about their day and what they did.  They can help each other with their homework (all in the same class, so all the same homework.  AMAZING.)  They can tell me in real words what their favorite things were.  We can have conversations.  This latter part is super awesome and maybe one of my favorite things.  

So when I see other multiple moms out and about, I always want to walk up to them and yell "Hang in there!!  It gets easier!!" doesn't.  It just changes.  

But, isn't that the same for all moms?  

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