Thursday, September 14, 2017


There have been so many times in the past three years that I've thought "That would be such a great blog post" or "Man, I'd love to write about that."  Then I would log onto blogger, read through old posts, and think about all the memories that were logged through this site.  Through these posts.

I've missed it.  I want to come back.  I need to come back.  There are so many reasons I want this space, but yet, I can't put into words why exactly I want it.  All I know is that this space is important to me and I'm really feeling pulled back into it.  It's like your favorite sweater.  You can't put your finger on why it is your favorite, but there is just something so comforting about putting it on.  So loved and warm.

So, with that, I can tell you  that I'm going to be posting here again.  Our daily antics.  Amusing stories.  Funny pictures.  Life with three 5 year olds (who are now in KINDERGARTEN.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.) Random thoughts from a mom who doesn't have it all together.

Aaaahhhhhh.  It is just so good to be back here.


  1. For some reason I thought today, I will just come back over here and see...Hi!!!! Welcome back!! Hope you and your 3 5 year olds are doing amazing and loving kindergarten! :)