Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glasses and Ponytails!

Happy New Year, everyone!  We here in the Koob household were sad to see 2013 go, but are incredibly excited to see what happens in 2014!
A new development in our house is that Miss A is finally allowing ponytails (most of the time)!  She fights while I put it in, and then messes with it initially, but then she will leave it alone.  Poor Grace is jealous that she doesn't have enough hair to have a pony.
Upon initial "updoing", she messes with it, as you can see in Exhibit A
 But then, after a bit, she will leave it alone.  Exhibit B
And in other news, I have become a glasses addict.  If I could, Mr. Noah would have 30 pairs.  But alas, not only are the frames kindof spendy, but filling each pair with new lenses every time he gets a new prescription would break us!  So, instead of 30 pairs, I've settled for 3.
We've been given the green light to switch to a different frame shape (square/rectangular, not circle) because Noah has adjusted to wearing glasses well.  Many doctors don't want you to start with the rectangular frames initially, as it is easy for the littles to look over the top of the glasses.  Now that Noah knows that he needs his glasses to see, and that he can see much better with them on, we shouldn't have many issues with him looking over them.
Anyway, onto the picture.  Modeling his first pair, a nice rectangular frame (in size 43/16, for all you Little Four Eyes parents) in light blue

He also got a new pair of Miraflex, in size 39/14 (I think?) in a great red color!
His last pair is Miraflex in Dark Grey, but he wasn't having anymore pictures, so this was the end of our photoshoot.
 And, not surprisingly, I found Miss A rocking Noah's blue pair.  Oh child....I love you!


  1. Oh my gosh, the light blue ones are so adorable!!

  2. The updue hair and the glasses make her look very smart and serious.

  3. Oh my gosh! Can your kids get any cuter?!?!

  4. I cant even handle the cuteness! So I had to put the ponytail picture of Addison as my background. And HOLY COW Noah is going to be a heart breaker!

  5. Hi there, I was wondering what color those red glasses were, are they Red or Red Pearl? I am about to get those frames for my 3 year old son and we really like the ones your boy has on. Thanks.