Friday, December 27, 2013

Keeping House

Sorry for my absence.  We've been busy being.  The holidays were fantastic, as we were lucky enough to spend it surrounded by those we love. 
The weebs were spoiled silly.  Upon their list of items received was a set of play brooms, sweepers, dustpans, sponges, etc.  They've recently taken to "cleaning" everything, so this was a perfect gift for them.  Behold, how we spent almost 2 hours today:

"Noah," I said, "How much do you love your broom?"
 "Love it, mom."  (or maybe it was more like BAH!!  BAH GAH!  Same difference)
 Addison wearing an apron "Just Like Mom's"  That's what everything said.  It all had a sticker on it that said "Just Like Mom's."  Apparently I rock a yellow apron?

 "Grace, smile for the camera!  Or....grimace.  Either way"

Now using furniture polish on some sponges...

...and then eating said furniture polish

We hope the holidays were wonderful for you and yours.  Here's to a fantastic 2014!


  1. Love this. They look so big!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas.

  2. Happy holidays from my little ones to yours!